About Me

After years sailing the Mediterranean on a rusty old sailboat with my husband and a variety of charming canine companions, I have finally been washed up on shore (several toes in the sea nonetheless). I am fortunate in having dual citizenship – Canadian / French and now spend my time writing and messing about with clay as I float between continents.

My children’s book entitled SAIL AWAY WITH ME was published in Toronto, Canada (McClelland Stewart) in 2010. It’s all about the sea; a book of poetry and beautiful illustrations; a compilation of old favourites and my own work. Sail Away With Me is available on Amazon and depending where you live, in book stores (if not on the shelf it can be ordered).

My novel LAUNDERED SHIRTS LOOK BETTER ON HANGERS, is, as you can no doubt tell from the title, comic if not a bit crazy. Deliciously so I have been told. It is now available on Amazon.com, Kindle and Smashwords.

My second novel LOOKING FOR WILL is on the serious side. While there are smiling moments it is more dramatic and involves some mystery: A bit of a whodunit. It will be out soon on Amazon and others.



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